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Discover True Worth

Discover True Worth encompasses many different facets of life with God including identity, emotional healing, connecting to our hearts and more.


My Passion

I want you to know and experience the healing love of our Father. His love has healed much in me and continues to take me to new levels of freedom.

Maybe: To know we are accepted and loved is the foundation for living in wholeness and abundance. Love is the only thing that casts out fear and the experience of being loved is the only thing that will bring us out of hiding.


Why We Don’t Trust God

The scene was subtle and laced with tragedy. A woman who has only known perfect love, peace and joy in the presence of her Creator is now in a conversation with a convincing Being causing her to question everything she’s known. Her name is Eve and she is standing at a pivotal crossroad that will […]


Love and Loveability: Part 2

In our last post we discussed what or rather who love is.   We drew from Bible scripture which paints a beautiful picture of the character of love found in God our Father. However, there can be a huge gap between knowing, “God is love” and knowing, “God is loving me”. That gap leaves us vulnerable to devastating lies […]


Love and Loveability: Part 1

We hear it everywhere – all you need is love.   Many songs have captured this sentiment. We’re all looking for it in some capacity and have a deep sense we were made for it. But what is it and how do you “get it”?   What love is has been misconstrued in so many […]


The Incarnation

Christmas is a time of the year when we in the Christian faith focus on the momentous event known as “the Incarnation”. God miraculously became human in the form of a baby boy from Nazareth. This all occurred as a beautiful gift of life and love from God to us. But what is really catching […]


The Original “Not Good Enough”

In recent years several authors and speakers have covered a very important human struggle from a variety of angles. That struggle is the battle with shame. Brene Brown in her powerful book, “Daring Greatly”, looks at many aspects of this common human experience of shame and condenses the sense of lack it produces into three […]


Soul Questions

  You and I have questions in our heart …   Questions that need answers. Basic foundational questions about our worth, value and identity. The questions are unique and distinguishable between each of us though they may have a common theme. These questions received answers very early on in our lives from our family environments, […]

Why We Don’t Trust God


Lion of Judah

“Lion of Judah” is an offering of worship to the creator of all things and triumphant King Jesus.


Servant Sons & Daughters

If you long for deeper intimacy with God, this book is a journey into the heart He has towards you and an invitation to receive His best for you in every area of your life.


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